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Rabbi Jay Weinstein - Spiritual Leader

Why Does one become a Rabbi?

There are many reasons. Rabbi Jay believes G-d called him to be a Rabbi. A wandering Jew himself, he understands what it feels like to search for a meaningful Judaism.

As the Spiritual Leader of Congregation Simchat HaLev, he prays that he will inspire congregants of all ages to be Jews who love Judaism, spirituality, tradition, and have a connection with G-d, the Source of All Life.

A graduate of the Aleph Rabbinic Seminary, Rabbi Jay believes that all learning is invaluable. For him it was rabbinical school, the study of our sacred texts, the stories of our people, and going into the community to see what the people are doing: walking the path with them in their joy and in their pain, sorrow and fear, and witnessing their learning and growth.

Rabbi Jay brings to his rabbinate and our congregation his experience as a father of seven, of being a nurse, psychotherapist, hospital chaplain and bereavement specialist.

Rabbi Jay is a member of OHALAH - the Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal, The Long Island Board of Rabbis,The National Association of Jewish Chaplains, The Interfaith Clergy Council of Syosset/Woodbury, Long Island Temple Educators and The Jewish Outreach Institute.

Rabbi Jenn Weinstein 

My Journey To The Rabbinate...

So often, and by many, I was told I should be a psychologist, a therapist, a doctor, a teacher, a whole array of professions that had a common theme of attentive listening, advice giving, and outreach. 

My first step was working in the synagogue office, which quickly progressed to managing the office aspects of the shul. I then began educating the religious school students. The path continued and branched into more responsibility, and more involvement in synagogue life. The next nine plus years consisted of preparing students for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, teaching, leading services, assisting at baby namings, weddings, and funerals; working intimately with families, listening and walking hand in hand with congregants on life’s roller coaster. Who would’ve thought becoming a Rabbi is where all of this would lead to? Not me!

As a graduate of the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute’s Rabbinical Program and as a Rabbi of Congregation Simchat HaLev, I will continue to educate, guide, and support our congregants on their spiritual path.  

As a Rabbi it is my passion to advocate for all people and to work toward the ultimate goal of inclusion. I come from a background of exposure. Exposure to differences and acceptance of all has helped mold my perception of how people should be treated.  My hope for the future is to broaden and expand my outreach both in our community and in the greater world. One conversation, one example, one mitzvah... each one bringing us closer to a healthier world for all people.

Rabbi Jay and Rabbi Jenn are assisted by a caring team of Jewish Professionals:

Fortuna Southworth - Educator

Rabbi Howard Nacht - Educator 

Eric Komar - Cantorial Soloist

Rob Silverbush - Cantorial Soloist

About Simchat HaLev

Simchat HaLev is a 501(c3) not-for-profit Jewish organization under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Jay Weinstein. Simchat HaLev provides individuals, couples and families with spiritual Judaism, a synagogue, family education, fee-for-service rabbinic counseling and life cycle clergy officiation.


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