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What we do

Some people would say that we are not their grandparents' shul or even their parents temple. Infused with tradition, fueled by love, we can almost guarantee that your children will not give you a hard time going to Hebrew School and can absolutely guarantee that out rabbis will walk the path with you and your family on the journey of life.  Come experience our Shabbat and Holiday services.  Pray, sing, chant and meditate with us. Soak in the inspiration and learning. Reminisce, recall and sing the ancient melodies and learn new ones.  Let's celebrate.  Let's gather as a community.  Want to make a difference in the community and greater world?  We do too. Help us make this world better.  Join us in doing mitzvot - acts of kindness. Together, we will  make a difference.

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High Holy Days

Options that fit all lifestyles.  Erev Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah Day 1 and 2, Erev Yom Kippur, and Yom Kippur. Are you someone who likes a more "traditional" two to three hour service on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur? We have that. Someone that would prefer something less traditional with meditation and chanting?  We have that too. Story time and song for young children? We have that. Tashlich to get rid of your shmutz at the water? Closing of the gates? You pick, you choose. All services are inspired with tradition and fueled with love.  Join us and begin again.

Mitzvah Munchkins

There is nothing better than exposing your little guys to the wonderful workshops of our Mitzvah Munchkins program. From three years old to 2nd grade, our workshops are fun-filled with Jewish crafts, music, food and learning.  Munchkins meet monthly to develop friendships, and experientially learn about the holidays and how to perform good deeds.

Life Cycle Events

Conversion to Judaism.

Baby Namings. 

B Mitzvahs.



It is always an honor for us to share in your family's joy as we officiate at your Wedding ceremony; your child's Baby naming or B-Mitzvah. Magical life-cycle ceremonies fueled by love can be conducted at Congregation Simchat HaLev, in your home, at the catering facility of your choice, or at "destination locations" throughout the world if scheduling permits. In sadness, we will walk the path with you providing emotional and spiritual support, helping you and your family plan a meaningful funeral service to honor your loved one, leading shiva minyanim and provide bereavement counseling desired. 

Community Outreach

Simchat HaLev congregants care about each other, the community, and our world. How? By demonstrating kindness with a caring heart, generosity, and helpfulness, by supporting one another as we face life's challenges, and by celebrating important moments.  As a community of faith, we reach out to help our neighbors are we are taught: "You shall not oppress the stranger for you know the experience of having yourself been a stranger in the land of Egypt."  As a congregation, we partner with G-d to repair our world by getting personally involved.  Through prayer, volunteering, giving tzedakah, spreading love, compassion and peace, smiles and hugs, and in the fight for social justice, we show G-d we understand what it means to be a community that cares.

Shabbat and Holiday Services

Come experience our services. They are intimate, family oriented, participatory and spiritually based, Infused with tradition and fueled by love, our ancient melodies as well as newly created ones will engage you. Sing or chant with us. You will love the energy, the music, guitar, drumming and meditation. No suits or ties here, dress is casual with jeans the norm. All services welcome all people and include prayers for those in need of healing, for peace in our land, and for those that are no longer here with us on earth.

Kitchen Table Hebrew School

Fueled By Love. Our program is unique.  We call it "Kitchen Table" Hebrew School.  Why?  Your children, the next generation of Jewish adults, and their teacher sit around a kitchen table and have fun while learning Hebrew, holidays, Israel, mitzvot, spirituality and the traditions of our people.  Prayer lab, field trips, games, and workshops are integral components of our program as is B-Mitzvah training. Our teachers are "Spiritual Coaches". They are experienced, nurturing Jewish educators who make learning fun. With a deep love for Judaism, they will teach, encourage, and challenge your child, and respond to their questions about Jewish life. Teaching assistants are graduates of Simchat HaLev and will be available to assist students who may need a little extra. Children with learning challenges or needing special attention will be taught on an individual basis the same material as others of their age. Around our table all children can learn.

Mitzvah Teens

Many of our Kitchen Table Hebrew School graduates choose to continue to study and schmooze with Rabbi Jenn as post B-Mitzvah members of Mitzvah Teens. The group works on leadership development, community outreach, performing acts of kindness, and navigating the teenage years through a "Jewish lens". 

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Rabbinic Counseling
Hospital - Hospice Visits
Spiritual Emergencies

Our rabbis provide our congregants with confidential rabbinic counseling.  Whether it is a personal crisis, a relationship issue, life challenge or transition, our rabbis will listen with a trained, non-judging, compassionate ear. If you are feeling drained, desiring spirituality in your life, or a connection with G-d, our rabbis can provide guidance. They are available to pray with individuals, couples and families in our sanctuary, at hospitals, nursing facilities and at at hospice. Our rabbis are available around the clock for spiritual emergencies, and can provide support and help with the anguish of serious illness, dying, and death. 

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