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Our story

Simchat HaLev is a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing congregation; a sacred community traveling the journey of life. Some of our congregants identify themselves as Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal, Secular, some "just" Jewish and others "not technically" Jewish.

As an inclusive congregation, all people are equal in all aspects of congregational life. Families with and without children are embraced regardless of their constellation and orientation. Under our tent all are welcome regardless of race, culture, gender, ethnic background, social status, sexual preference, language spoken, mental capacity, learning styles or physical ability. 

With intention, Congregation Simchat HaLev is a small and intimate congregation. We are a family; a house of prayer and learning, infused with tradition. Working hard to diminish hatred, bullying, pain and suffering; committed to adding love, caring and kindness; learning from and embracing the diversity of All people created in G-d's image. Rabbi Jay, Rabbi Jenn and our team of Jewish professionals will walk the path with our congregants by providing Judaism that is Jewish Renewal - fueled by love - accessible, engaging, G-d centered and spiritually based.

Rabbi Jay and Rabbi Jenn are both active in the interfaith world.  Working together with other faith leaders in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, they are committed to eradicating hate through teaching, demonstrating and community outreach.

our rabbis:
Rabbi Jay Weinstein

Founder & Spiritual Leader

Rabbi Jenn Weinstein

Rabbi & Director of Lifelong Learning

our Team:

Teaching Assistants

Michael Tedesco

Music - Keyboard and Vocals

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